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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

It began a few years ago on a dark and rainy evening, the quest to learn more about film photography and through that to become a better photographer. Armed with my trusty Pentax P30 with the classic SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 loaded with the trusty Tri-X 400, I sipped the last of my latte and headed to the streets. Shooting digital had been easy in the past, just point the camera to your subject and let the integrated circuitry help you with correct exposure and focus. Now? The only help you gonna get was the exposure metering. And yes, I did not own an external lighting meter at that point, not that it would’ve helped in this cold, dark night anyway. Nevertheless, there was no time to waste as I locked my target, winged the exposure and pressed the shutter button…

Well, then… here it is, the first blog post, the start of a journey. If anyone actually finds this blog and takes the time to read anything, welcome and thank you. The concept of this blog is mainly going to be photos with some occasional more text-oriented posts. The italic part in the beginning of every photo post is supposed to be a “film noir” style narration, something in the theme of the name of this whole project. Only time will tell how that is going to be turn out!

But without further ado, let us begin!

The start of every adventure, a cup of latte
Autumn Noir
Mean Streets
The Bench

The result was fairly moody and not even as bad as I thought it to be, still, it was going to be a long road ahead to learn the quirks of film decent enough not to waste as much of it as I did during these first true shots on this wonderful, rediscovered medium.

It is indeed going to be exactly the way one gets to the Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice…