And Winter Came

It was the coldest day of the winter and looking at the weather report there was no change expected for days. I looked at my new toy that was sitting on the desk just begging to be taken out to the wild, the job it was built to do. I just couldn’t leave it there all bit itself. After all, a new camera needs to be tested as soon as it’s out of the store. I loaded some TMAX 400 to the golden old Canon EOS-1 and hit the streets again. The cold howling wind hit my face with a force to be reckoned with as soon as I stepped out the door…

So it happened, the camera collection grew with a new specimen, the legendary EOS-1, the first professional EOS-series body Canon made and oh boy does it feel good to hold. The instant you pick it up you get this feeling that this is a camera that goes anywhere and will work no matter where you end up! Another wonderful thing is that since it indeed is a EOS-series piece of technology, I can use all the lenses from the classics to the brand new and future ones… and since I already had a digital Canon system I can swap lenses between them at will! And the sound the shutter and film transport makes… you really feel like magic is happening right there! The only Canon film camera I’d love more would be the 1v… definitely have to get one of those as well in some point.

The choice of film this time was the Kodak TMAX 400. I had already done some testing of different stocks at box speed but was now moving on to push processing. One of the main reasons I started using film, especially black and white stocks, was the gorgeous contrasty results one could get, a true film noir look (the inspiration for the whole blog as well) so to speak, and push processing would help attain that by default. The TMAX works very well pushed so it became one of my standard films to use, even over the workhorse that is Tri-X. The adventures in push processing continued and in retrospect, not counting testing of new stock, I really haven’t shot black & white film box speed ever since… the effect is just too wonderful!

Stormy Waters – TMAX 400 @ 800
Snowy Beaches – TMAX 400 @ 800
The Trees of Winter – TMAX 400 @ 800
Cold Water – TMAX 400 @ 800