City, Film, Japan

TOKYO. MAY, 2018

Another rainy evening, another delicious bowl of Hakata Ramen. As I watched the sun fall below the horizon and the city lights beginning to illuminate the beautiful urban scenery, I loaded my trusty Pentax P30 with something special. A new film stock had appeared on my radar a while ago that promised a look that truly was something else. Using film engineered for the silver screen in still photography was such an intriguing thought that it just had to be tried. As soon as the last ray of sunshine disappeared, I was ready. I stood up, paid my meal and hit the rainy streets of Tokyo once again. 

And so I was back in Tokyo again, this time with some new film to try out. Even if my first inspiration for film photography was black and white, this CineStill 800T really got me intrigued as it is slightly modified Kodak cinema film. Have to say it did not disappoint at all. The pictures, even if some are not that well exposed, just have this amazing look that really inspires to go out there and make them photographs happen. CineStill 800T is definitely going to be part of my film kit from now on…

The Blade Runner Blues – CineStill 800T
Tokyo Night Train – CineStill 800T
The Station – CineStill 800T
Shinjuku Nights – T-MAX 400 @ 1600
A Walk in Ginza – T-MAX 400 @ 1600


Fun fact: Getting that first picture took several frames with different exposures. Since there was no timer on the P30, I just winged it by counting the seconds in my head. This one had about 20 seconds exposure.

Sometimes you just have to ensure that at least one frame comes out good when the scenery is that amazing and for sure it was worth “wasting” a lot of film to get it.